Our  ongoing research projects focus on
Faith and Economics
Religious Education in Schools
Religions and Human Rights Policy
Religious Persecution.


Reconciliation and Freedom Commission of the Evangelical Fellowship of India

India Seminar on Economic Development and Social Change with the Nagel Institute    of World Christianity, Calvin College

B.A. Hons. In Practical Theology with Stellenbosch Theological Institute, South Africa and Anglican House of Studies, East Mountain, Western Cape, South Africa

Wilberforce Academy, South Africa with Christian Concern, UK

Pastor’s Training Programs with the Church of the American Ceylon Mission, South Indian Bible Seminary and Visthar Academy for Justice and Peace

We carry out regular partnership projects with the Religious Freedom Project of the Berkeley Centre for Religion, Peace and World affairs Georgetown University Washington, D.C. USA


  1. Christian Faith and Economics: Vinay Samuel and Rebecca Shah have done pioneering studies in the areas of ‘Faith and Enterprise’ and ‘Enterprise Solutions to Poverty’.  OCRPL has conducted training workshops on these topics in 10 countries across Africa and Asia.
  1. Christian Faith and Politics: As part of OCRPL, Tim Shah coordinated a global study programme on ‘Evangelicals and Democracy’ that produced three volumes published by the Oxford University Press in 2006 -2007.  Additionally, we have carried out training workshops on ‘Religion and Public Policy’ in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  1. Reporting Religion: We have conducted research on the way religion was reported in the mainstream media and published the ‘BLIND SPOT’ (Oxford University Press) which became a best seller. Training programmes were conducted for journalists in the mainstream media on reporting religion in over 12 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and East and Central Europe. This was done under the banner of the ‘Media Project’ of OCRPL. It became independent in 2012 and is based in California, USA under the leadership Arne Felstad who continued as a Fellow of OCRPL till his untimely death in 2015
  1. Religious Freedom Research and Advocacy: This is a significant area of OCRPL’s work. It includes mapping of the status of religious freedom in countries where the Christian faith is a minority and conducting training workshops in Religious Freedom policy development, and advocacy. As part of our efforts, OCRPL set up a Centre for Religious Freedom in New Delhi in collaboration with the Evangelical Fellowship of India and supported by the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, the National Council of Churches and the Pentecostal Federation of India.
  1. The Church in Hostile Contexts: This programme supports the Church in hostile contexts with training in ethical responses to hostility, violence and persecution.
  1. Christianity and Other Faiths: This is a research programme to equip Christian Churches and organizations in developing relationships for human flourishing for the common good and religious freedom
  1. Human Rights: Since 1998 we have produced thought-provoking and ground-breaking research and training programs in the field of Human Rights in five countries in Asia and Africa.
  1. Marriage and Human Sexuality: Chris Sugden has provided leadership in this area with research, publications and training workshops in Asia, Africa and the UK. A major study was launched on same sex marriage and gay parenting. The first study was done by Dr. Patricia Morgan in 2013-14 and published in 2014 as the ‘Marriage Files’.
  1. Religious Education in Public Schools: Guy Hordern, our Research Associate leads this UK-based programme in the development of policy and curricula for the teaching of Religion in Public Schools.
  1. Publishing and Web Resources: OCRPL commissions research for publication and publishes with publishes with academic publishing houses. It will soon develop its web-based resources.