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  • Understanding Living Islam

    Spirituality, Structures, Society and Sects A detailed study of the practices, family life, social structures, spirituality and sects of Muslims today. Including extensive quotations from Islamic sources, the book is […]

  • With the Eye of Faith

    Meditations and Prayers This book of 98 meditations and prayers is intended to help the reader encounter God and His love in a variety of situations, whether joyful praise or […]

  • Theological education for transforming Africa

    Over the last century the Christians have risen from 9% to 54% of the population of Africa, yet it remains the poorest continent. How can this be if Christian faith […]

  • Stellenbosch PhD Two-Week Seminar

    OCRPL and Stellenbosch University Post-graduate researchers meet online for two weeks Church leaders in Africa, Asia and Latin America, especially in countries where Christians are not only a minority but […]

  • Patrick Sookhdeo’s Research Method

    During the recent Stellenbosch DPhil research and methodologies seminar, Professor Patrick Sookhdeo presented a paper on his research methodologies. This paper outlines his approach to research, information, and teaching, and […]