Dermot O’Callaghan


Mr O’Callaghan read Mechanical Sciences at Cambridge. He and his wife, Nessa, are lifelong members of the Church of Ireland where he is a lay reader and served for many years on General Synod. He has used his scientific training to challenge the standard narrative of the mental health establishment that people who experience same-sex attraction were born that way and cannot change. He has also argued for the importance of human behaviour, as opposed to merely technical solutions, in addressing the problem of HIV/AIDs in Africa.


Dr. Philip Giddings


Philip Giddings retired as Senior Lecturer in Politics and Head of the School of Politics and International Relations from the University of Reading in 2011. His main field of teaching was British and Comparative Government and Public Administration. His research and publications were focused on the Ombudsman institution and on the development of the Westminster system of parliamentary government. In addition to his academic work he held senior positions in the Church of England’s General synod and was a long-serving members of its Archbishops’ Council.


Canon Dr. Vinay Samuel

Executive Director

In addition to serving as the Director of OCRPL, Rev’d Canon Dr. Vinay K. Samuel is also the founder and past Executive Director of Oxford Centre of Mission Studies and Executive Director of The International Fellowship of Evangelical Mission Theologians, of which OCMS is the research and study centre.

Rev. Dr. Vinay Samuel, an Indian by nationality is an ordained Anglican priest is recognized internationally as a missiologist and theologian. Dr. Samuel’s commitment to equipping leadership in the field of development has grown into the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS), a training center for mission practitioners form the Global South.


Canon Dr. Chris Sugden


Canon Dr Chris Sugden is an ordained minister (retired) of the Church of England. He is married to Elaine, a retired cancer consultant.  They have three married children, in Leeds, Oxfordshire and India, and seven grandchildren.

He studied Classics and Theology at Oxford, where he was President of the Christian Union, and Liberation Theology at seminary at St John’s College Nottingham. He did his doctoral studies on Christian Social Theology in India and Indonesia.

After a curacy in Leeds, where he also worked as a religious programmes producer in the BBC, Chris and Elaine spent 6 years with their children in India where he worked as assistant pastor in a Church of South India church and in extension education and development training.

In 1983 they returned to England and was part of the team that established the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies  OCMS  seeks to advance the mission of the church by equipping the church in the two thirds world with well trained, creative and theologically capable leadership for its congregations, ministry agencies and training institutions.

He is an honorary canon of St Luke’s Cathedral Jos, Nigeria and of the Diocese of Sunyani, Ghana. He was a member of the Church of England General Synod from 2005 – 2015 and a member of its Mission and Public Affairs Council. He has also served as chairman of the trustees of Traidcraft, a Christian Fair Trade Company

He was executive secretary of the newly formed Anglican Mainstream a network of evangelical and orthodox networks in the United  in November from 2004-2013. He is now the chairman of its trustees. He is also secretary of Anglican International Development which works principally to support micro-fincance development and training of health workers in the new nation of South Sudan. He is secretary of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (UK and Ireland) and was secretary of a major Anglican conference in Jerusalem in 2008.  He is also secretary of Grassroots Conservatives (, and of the Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue.

He has travelled extensively in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, the West Indies, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Ghana.

Chris is on the preaching team of his local Anglican church. He contributes a monthly column on Anglican Communion affairs to Evangelicals Now, and is contributor on a number of media programmes.

Chris’s writing can be found here


Hendrik Storm


South African born, Hendrik Storm has a background in retail, and a foundation in accounting and finance, having risen to senior regional management of one of the UK’s leading discounters.