Academic Team

Canon Dr Patrick Sookdheo, Director. Islamics, Mission Studies and Religious Liberty

Canon Dr Vinay Samuel, Emeritus Director. Mission Studies, Religions and Social Studies

Rev Canon Dr Joshva John, Co-Dean. Mission in the Public Space, Media and New Testament Read more
Rev Canon Dr. Joshva Raja John is an ordained minister of the Church of South India and is a clergy of the Church of England. He taught at the Queens Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education Birmingham, the UK as a tutor of World Christianity and Global Mission and at the United Theological College, Bangalore as an Associate Professor and Chair in the Gospel, Culture and Communication department. He wrote and edited a number of books including the Global Handbook on Theological Education, Regnum, Oxford. He promoted awareness about HIV/AIDS in India and internationally through theological education for which he was given an award by the TimesNow Television. He is the Co-Dean of OCRPL.

Canon Dr Chris Sugden, Co-Dean. Mission Studies and Ethics Read more
Canon Dr Chris Sugden, a graduate of Oxford in classics and theology, is married to Elaine, a retired cancer consultant. They have three married children and eight grandchildren. After six years in India, with his senior colleague, Canon Dr Vinay Samuel, he helped establish the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies from 1983. He has been an elected member of General Synod of the Church of England and was conference director for the 2008 Jerusalem Conference of GAFCON. His postgraduate research has covered Liberation Theology, Christianity and Violence, and Christian Social Ministries in India and Indonesia. He holds canonries in Nigeria and Ghana. He is co-dean of the OCRPL Graduate Programmes with Stellenbosch and Pretoria Universities.

Professor Christopher Byaruhanga, Uganda Christian University. Systematic Theology

Dr Rollin Grams, Gordon Conwell. New Testament, Biblical Ethics

Rt Rev Dr Joel Obetia, Uganda Christian University. Pastoral Theology

Dr Prasad Phillips. Currently he serves OCPRL as a Distance Learning Coordinator and Tutor with a research interests in World Christianity, Missiology and Practical Theology.

Dr Nicholas Ridley, Liverpool John Moores University. Religious Freedom and Islamics Read more
Dr Nick Ridley is a Visiting Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University and through OCPR an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Pretoria.
Nick studied for a first degree in History at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, then became an intelligence analyst, firstly with the Metropolitan Police in London then at EUROPOL in the Hague Netherlands.
Whilst carrying out his intelligence analysis duties, Nick continued studying and gained two Phds, one in international relations, and the second in international efforts against terrorist financing.
Retiring from law enforcement Dr Ridley entered academia, teaching postgraduate studies at London Metropolitan University, Portsmouth University, the Italian universities of Milan and of Teramo, The Hague University, Netherlands. He has lectured at the NATO Centre Defence against Terrorism and to security personnel in Nigeria, and Rwanda.
He is the author of books on terrorism, terrorist financing and comparative historical studies on insurgency and revolts.

Dr Ruth Samuel-D’Monte. Education

Dr Tim Shah, George Washington University. Religious Freedom

Sheikh Dr Muhammed Yusuf Al-Hussaini. Islamic Studies

Academic Advisors

For Stellenbosch University

Dr Len Hansen, Director of Research and Chairman of University Ethics Committee.

Dr Jurgens Hendricks, Emeritus Professor in Practical Theology and Missiology.

For University of Pretoria

Professor Wim Dreyer, Senior Lecturer, Systematic and Historical Theology.

Dr Maniraj Sukdaven, Senior Lecturer, Religion Studies.

For Everyone

Bishop Dr Joshua Banda, Zambia, Social Science Research.

Rev Dr J Andrew Kirk, UK, former Argentina, Philosophy and Mission Theology.

Rev Dr Christopher JH Wright, Ministries Director, Langham Partnership, Old Testament.

Fr Steven Bevans, Contextual Theologies.

Current Researchers

Researchers, both men and women are currently enrolled from the following countries
Antingua, Bahamas, Columbia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guyana, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Uganda,
Their topics cover the fields of politics and governance, combatting terrorism and violence, corruption, children, education, the experience of disabled and of marginalised peoples, justice, land rights, division in denominations, traditional religious and cultural beliefs, discipleship training, mission partnerships, work ethics, holistic mission practice, media and use of social networks, engaging with islamisation, gender violence, and ministry among refugee communities. All these topics are researched in relation to the relevant biblical, cultural, theological, sociological and religious studies.