For decades, our experts have worked on research and training in the Global South. In order to deepen this engagement, OCRPL launched its South Asia office in 2008. Currently, we undertake the following projects:

  • Supporting the efforts of the Freedom and Development Commission of India of the Evangelical Commission of India. Further information: Rev. Vijayesh Lal (
  • Research the links between Religious freedom and development conducted by its fellows Rebecca Shah and Dr. Robert Woodberry
  • Facilitating conferences and meetings on topics relating to religion. In the past year, we planned a meeting on Religion and Law with International Expert Dr. Cole Durham, a two-week travelling seminar for the Nagel Institute, Calvin College on Religion and Economic Empowerment and a meeting on Religion and Development for the One Foundation.
Sri Lanka
  • Facilitating projects and training in Public Witness for a program for pastor’s from Sri Lanka, co- organized by South India Biblical Seminary and Visthar
  • In collaboration with the Church of the American Ceylon Mission and MED, OCRPL currently runs a program in Sri Lanka on economic empowerment and micro- finance and vocation training

On February 22nd, 2016, OCRPL South Asia organized a seminar on the topic of ‘Religious Responses to Indian Secularism’ for academics, journalists and activists in New Delhi, India. The seminar consisted of four presentations – one Christian response, one Hindu response, one Islamic response and one non-religious response. The presentations can be accessed here:

  1. Indian Secularism and Indian Christianity by Can. Dr. Vinay Samuel
  2. Hinduism, Secularism and the Idea of Tolerance by Dr. P.k. Vijayan
  3. Islam in India: The Challenge of Secularism by Mr. Wajahat Habibullah
  4. Religion, Secularism and the State by Dr. Ram Puniyani
Religious Responses to Indian Secularism