Application dates:

Applications for the 2022 MA in Christian Studies programme will be accepted online, please contact us if you are unable to do so.

Application Steps:

Please apply online and make sure you include your degree certificates and transcripts along with this application form (scanned copies are acceptable).

  1. Applying online and submitting all additional required documents
  2. OCRPL considers application and selects suitable candidates for an interview
  3. OCRPL arranges an interview via Zoom with potential candidates
  4. If the interview is successful, OCRPL offers a candidate a conditional offer.
  5. Upon acceptance of the conditional offer and fulfilling all the requirement, the student will apply for NECU for a full registration with the NECU.

Application Forms

Please provide information in support of your application as an MA in Christian Studies of OCRPL.

As a part of the admission process we will contact your referees independently for their recommendations. Once your application file is complete, it will be presented to the OCRPL Admissions Committee for consideration.

Admission decisions are based on a composite of information including:

  • Official names (as per matriculation certificate), Father’s & Mother’s Name, Permanent Address, Present Address for communication, Mobile/Phone number, email address, with passport size photograph.
  • Academic Qualification Record starting from Matriculation, with all supporting documents (Pass Certificates and Mark sheets).
  • Letter of recommendation from the concerned church.
  • Personal Testimony.
  • Parent/Sponsor’s letter.

If you have any questions about the application or application process, please contact or