OCRPL partners with Stellenbosch University (MPhil) and the University of Pretoria (MTh) to offer Masters degree programmes in Religion and Culture. Applications for the 2022 Masters programmes may be made from June 1 2021 until November 1 2021. The electronic application form is available on Masters application – Oxford Centre For Religion and Public Life (ocrpl.org)

In partnership with:

University of Pretoria

University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria  is one of Africa’s top universities and the largest contact university in South Africa. We produce socially impactful research to find solutions for the world’s most pressing issues. We have a high quality of teaching and learning in the classroom, online, or in communities. We have support in place for our students to graduate on time as well-rounded, responsible citizens fully prepared for the world beyond university.

IUDI Cameroon

IUDI Cameroon

Characteristics of the Degree

  • Mastery of the field of the interaction between religion and culture, in particular examining the history of one religious tradition
  • Fields of study include the scriptures of one tradition and their interpretation; the spread of the tradition throughout time; and its impact and expression through economics and politics.

Types of Students Interested in the Degree

The typical student will be a Christian with experience in ministry and a commitment to Biblical, orthodox faith. He or she will be interested in a multi-cultural, international educational experience. He or she will want to reduce the costs of an advanced degree while obtaining a validated degree from an internationally recognised university.

Examples may be:

  1. A seminary lecturer from the 2/3rds world who seeks a Master’s degree in order to teach in the field of religion and culture.
  2. A mission leader who has significant experience in missions who will gain needed expertise for ongoing mission work in the field of religion and culture.
  3. Church ministers guiding their constituency in relating to a majority religion who wish to upgrade their competencies and credentials.
  4. People involved in ministry in the public square, such as Christian development, religion and politics, Christian ethics.

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