We are delighted that you are considering applying for the MTh programme. To offer this Masters degree programme in Religion and Culture (with a focus on Islam), OCRPL partners with the University of Pretoria (UP) in South Africa and the Institut Universitaire de Développement International (IUDI) in Cameroon.

Why MTh at OCRPL?

  • You can study from anywhere around the world without major disruption to your work and ministry (provided you have access to stable Internet)
  • Upon successful completion you will receive a validated degree from a world-recognised University (either University of Pretoria in South Africa or IUDI in Cameroon)
  • If eligible for a scholarship, you will receive a degree at a reduced cost (up to 50%)
  • You learn from world experts in the field of Islamic Studies
  • You become a part of a global network of leaders and scholars
  • You gain research expertise and other transferrable skills, and grow professionally in the process
  • You may want to continue your education and apply for PhD afterwards

Application dates:

Applications for the 2022 Masters programme may be made from June 1, 2021 until 27th August 2021. Later applications may be considered at the discretion of the OCRPL administration and MTh coordinator.

MTh Timetable for 2021-2023:

June-August 2021: Selection process and registration at OCRPL

September-November 2021: A Preparatory Course and further selection

December 2022: Registration at UP (if SAQA clearance received); Registration with IUDI (no SAQA required)

January-August 2022: MTh Coursework

September 2022-Feburary 2023: MTh Thesis