Application dates:

Applications for the 2022 MTh programme will be accepted until 31st December 2021. Later applications may be considered at the discretion of the OCRPL administration and MTh coordinator.

How to apply:

Please apply online and make sure you include the following with this application form (scanned copies are acceptable).

  • Copies of all academic qualifications including academic transcripts and accompanying degree certificates.
  • A letter from your employers indicating their agreement to your study.
  • A passport sized photograph.
  • Proof of linguistic proficiency where applicable.
  • SAQA certificate (if applicable).
  • An essay on Islam as stipulated in the application.

Application fee:

There is no application fee for applying to OCRPL. However, the university (UP or IUDI accordingly) will be charging ensuing application fee upon registration there.

OCRPL will help to cover SAQA fees for eligible candidates, as well as registration fees for UP and IUDI. The students are expected to cover their tuition fees and any travel costs incurred. Partial scholarship (up to 50% of tuition cost) is available for selected candidates.

Application Steps:

  1. Applying online and submitting all additional required documents
  2. OCRPL considers application and selects suitable candidates for an interview
  3. OCRPL arranges an interview via Zoom with potential candidates
  4. If the interview is successful, OCRPL offers a candidate a conditional offer
  5. Upon acceptance of the offer, the student will apply for SAQA (if the intention is to apply for the University of Pretoria)
  6. September-November 2021: All conditional candidates enrol in the Preparatory Course that includes Introduction to Islam and Critical Thinking and Writing. This course also serves as a further selection period, and only promising candidates will be allowed to register for the University (UP or IUDI)
  7. November-December 2021: Registration at UP (if SAQA clearance is received) and IUDI (no SAQA clearance required)
  8. January 2022: Official start of the MTh programme and coursework