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Stellenbosch University (Afrikaans: Universiteit Stellenbosch) is a public research university situated in Stellenbosch, a town in South Africa. Stellenbosch is jointly the oldest university in South Africa and the oldest extant university in Sub-Saharan Africa alongside the University of Cape Town which received full university status on the same day in 1918.

Characteristics of the Degree

  • Advanced research competency in areas of theological study relevant for Christian ministry and missions.
  • Fields of study in all areas of Christian theology and ministry, particularly in religion and public life, mission studies, world religions, Christian ethics, and pastoral theology

Types of Students Interested in the Degree

The typical student will be a Christian with experience in ministry and a commitment to Biblical, orthodox faith. He or she will be interested in a multi-cultural, international educational experience. He or she will want to reduce the costs of an advanced degree while obtaining a validated degree from an internationally recognised university. Applicants will have obtained a master’s degree from an accredited institution and have significant years of experience in the area of ministry
relevant for advanced study.

Examples may be:

  1. A seminary lecturer from the 2/3rds world who seeks a PhD
  2. DA mission leader who has significant experience in missions who will gain needed expertise for ongoing mission work in a specific area
  3. Church ministers guiding their constituency in challenging contexts who wish to upgrade their competencies and credentials
  4. People involved in ministry in the public square, such as Christian development, religion and politics, Christian ethics

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Completed applications may be sent to via email or by postal mail to the below address:

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